Psychotherapy services

On this website I refer to my work as counselling and coaching because I believe these terms are more accessible to people seeking the kind of help I provide.

The counselling services I provide are actually psychotherapy services as they are defined by the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (of which I am a member) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice 2nd Edition.

 “Psychotherapy services are defined as any form of treatment for psycho-social or emotional difficulties, behavioural maladaptations and/or other problems that are assumed to be of an emotional nature, in which a social worker establishes a professional relationship with a client for the purposes of promoting positive personal growth and development.”

I provide psychotherapy services integrated with other approaches including adjunct techniques. I also provide coaching which tends to be more present and future focused whereas psychotherapy tends to address the past and the present. These approaches to helping may overlap in our work together. For more about this please see and