When the lines blur between coaching and counselling

If we’re working on difficult issues during counselling (psychotherapy services) and you become motivated to set clear goals for yourself, then sessions may start to feel more like coaching.

If we’re doing wellness coaching in an effort to unlock why it’s so hard to be kind to your body, then hard stuff might come up and sessions may begin to seem more like counselling.  If we’re doing life coaching and you want to be in a loving relationship, then we may need to address past issues, and again, sessions may feel more like counselling.  Even if we’re doing career coaching, we may end up looking at what needs to be cleared in your life in order to get to the career you want, and again sessions may look more like counselling.

With either counselling or coaching, I am more likely to begin a session with “what would you like to work on today?” instead of “what would you like to talk about today?”

I like to check-in regularly to find out if we’re on the right track and to get a sense of whether we need to take a different approach or to go in a new direction.